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Michael Yardney Podcast

Insightful, educational and always interesting

Listen and learn from Michael Yardney, Australia’s most trusted property commentator and a group of experts as they discuss Property Investment, Success, Money and Finance to help you multiply your wealth.
While Michael is best known as a property expert, he is also Australia’s leading authority in the psychology of success and wealth creation. You’ll enjoy the way he challenges traditional finance advice with innovative ideas on real estate investing, personal finance and wealth creation. 
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Jul 31, 2023

Today's discussion revolves around a topic that's creating shockwaves throughout Australia – the rental market crisis.

With rental vacancy rates at historic lows and the costs of renting a property skyrocketing, many Australians are finding it difficult to secure stable, affordable housing.

The consequences of this...

Jul 26, 2023

In these regular Big Picture podcasts, Pete Wargent and I discuss the macroeconomic factors affecting your economy and our property markets, and a lot has happened since our last show a month ago.

As one of Australia's most respected financial analysts and commentators, Pete brings his invaluable expertise to help us...

Jul 24, 2023

There were some significant changes regarding the RBA recently.

Philip Lowe’s term as Reserve Bank governor was not renewed which means he’s been effectively sacked as Reserve Bank governor's current Deputy Governor; Michele Bullock will become Governor starting 18 September.

Regular listeners would know that I...

Jul 19, 2023

Welcome to the Michael Yardney Podcast. Today I’m thrilled to have Nicola McDougall, chairperson of PIPA as my guest and we’re going to discuss how our property markets have become a political play toy.

There's a lot to unpack, and it's crucial for investors to understand the implications of the...

Jul 17, 2023

Today, I’m joined by Stuart Wemyss to discuss two fascinating topics.

The first one is the life cycle of a typical investor, and you’ll find it's a roadmap that provides insight into the ebbs and flows of the financial journey you’ll experience as a property investor and the strategic decisions you’ll have to...