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Michael Yardney Podcast

Insightful, educational and always interesting

Listen and learn from Michael Yardney, Australia’s most trusted property commentator and a group of experts as they discuss Property Investment, Success, Money and Finance to help you multiply your wealth.
While Michael is best known as a property expert, he is also Australia’s leading authority in the psychology of success and wealth creation. You’ll enjoy the way he challenges traditional finance advice with innovative ideas on real estate investing, personal finance and wealth creation. 
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Jan 28, 2019

The first few weeks of 2019 have already brought many interesting predictions and forecasts for property.

In today’s show, I’m going to share 5 property market predictions that will definitely happen in 2019.

I’ll also have a chat with John Lindeman. We’re going to find out what his research suggests about how...

Jan 21, 2019

Every year is a little bit different in the property market, but 2019 is going to be a watershed year.

If you’re curious about what’s going to be affecting the property market in the year ahead, you’re going to enjoy today’s conversation with Ahmad Imam. We’re going to talk about the major trends what will...

Jan 14, 2019

Are you a good negotiator?

Negotiating is something we it constantly in all aspects of our life, from relationships to which path you choose to take on a crowded street.

And of course, negotiation is one of the skills developed by savvy property investors, business people and entrepreneurs

Some people are very good...

Jan 7, 2019

The beginning of the year is a good time to reflect on the last year and how things went, as well as consider what you want to do in the new year.

Today I'm going to share with some of the things I wish I’d known earlier in life.

I'll also chat with Ken Raiss about getting your kids into the property market. If you...

Jan 2, 2019

Have you ever felt that you’re not good enough? Have you wondered why you’re not appreciated or valued for who you really are?

This happens to everyone, even successful business people and entrepreneurs.

But why would wealthy and successful people feel they aren’t good enough?

Something called imposter syndrome