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Jan 27, 2020

Fears of the property bubble are back. 

It’s a new year, and the naysayers and the property pessimists are out telling us we’ve got a property bubble.

That’s what we’re going to unpack today as I chat with Pete Wargent. 

First-time homebuyers are back, established homeowners are back and investors are back in the property market because they fear missing out, particularly in our two big capital cities. 

Add to that a number of interest rate cuts, easier lending, and a friendly media that has been encouraging people to get back into the property market. 

But are we in a property bubble? 

Topics Covered in my Talk with Pete Wargent:

  • The definition of a property bubble
  • The efficient market hypothesis
  • The cause of rising house prices
  • The indicators of a bubble
  • It’s easy to predict a bubble because it’s difficult to prove that the prediction is wrong
  • Predicting bubbles can make people feel smart or sophisticated
  • How the property cycles repeat
  • What would happen if there is a price drop
  • Where things are going to be in ten years’ time

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Show notes plus more here: Don’t worry about an Australian property bubble – take our advice. With Pete Wargent

Some of our favourite quotes from the show: 

“It’s homebuyers who make the property market.” – Michael Yardney

“The property market cycle is what we’ve been seeing, as opposed to the hyperinflation of property prices which you’d see in a bubble.” – Michael Yardney

“I believe that the market tends to correct itself, and it has this time around.” –Michael Yardney


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